Tucker Goes After EU Parliament Member Attacking Free Speech During Meetings

Tucker Goes After EU Parliament Member Attacking Free Speech During Meetings

The European Union Parliament recently announced what amounted to a “kill switch” on the free speech of members delivering remarks that might be considered hate speech.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited onto his Wednesday program a British member of the EU Parliament, Richard Corbett, of the left-leaning Labor Party, who had backed the measure that would allow the presiding officer to shut down any speech deemed “racist” or “xenophobic.”

Carlson asked three times what sort of formal standards would determine what kinds of speech would be disallowed, but Corbett never really provided a convincing answer, reiterating only that it would apply to “racist terms and xenophobic language,” citing a rather extreme hypothetical case of members of the parliament unfurling banners in the chamber and loudly calling for Jews to be gassed.

Corbett further explained that the admittedly “draconian” power to censor the speech of Parliament members would rest with the speaker or presiding officer, who would have the authority to cut the live broadcast of questionable speech and purge it from the video archive, though it would remain on the official parliamentary record.

Carlson asked if anyone had noted how “totalitarian” the rule seemed, and further wondered why Parliament members didn’t just counter the speech they disagreed with or disapproved of by using their own words, such as in a debate, as people in free civil societies do.

But Corbett insisted that there was nothing “totalitarian” about the rule and that it wouldn’t be used lightly, to which Carlson quipped, “We’ll see.”

“We’ll see. We’ll see indeed,” shot back Corbett, according to The Daily Caller. “But you won’t have willy-nilly some guy saying, ‘You can’t say this, you can’t say that.’ No, of course not. This is a parliament, for heaven’s sake.”

Carlson brought the segment to a close by cutting to the heart of the matter, asking bluntly, “Do you believe you can stop populism by banning the ideas behind it?”

Corbett could do nothing but fall back on his talking points, once again insisting that the rule was only a last resort against vile hate speech and wouldn’t interfere with the normal pluralistic manner of the EU Parliament.

With a bit of a chuckle, Carlson ended by noting that the rule was also “Orwellian.”

You can watch the interview right here:

Tucker Carlson is a big proponent of free speech, even when it isn’t nice, and he wasn’t about to let this EU Parliament member get away with supporting censorship in an elective body without letting him know just how “authoritarian,” “totalitarian” and “Orwellian” the new rule was.

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