Tucker Destroys Former DOJ Worker Who Claims Trump’s Presidency Is Illegitimate

Tucker Destroys Former DOJ Worker Who Claims Trumps Presidency Is Illegitimate

Fox News host Tucker Carlson just completely shut down claims made on national television by former Department of Justice spokesman Matthew Miller that President-elect Donald Trump’s presidency was not legitimate.

According to NewsBusters, Miller did not hesitate to bring up his favorite topic during the interview.

“So, I think there is a cloud over Donald Trump’s victory. I think there are questions about the legitimacy of his presidency,” Miller said.

Carlson wouldn’t have any of it, but gave his guest a chance to explain himself, asking Miller what he meant.

Miller cited the Russian hacks, FBI Director James Comey’s decision to open a federal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the DNC scandal, among others, as reasons why Trump won the presidential election.

That’s when Carlson had enough.

“Look, I guess what’s so frustrating here is that there is no evidence that has had an effect on the election,” the anchor said, talking about Russia’s alleged involvement in the U.S. election. “Now maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but we can’t say that it didn’t.

“Sure, you are saying it was not free and fair which is a very big claim for someone who is widely believed, like you, a former public official to me, but I would say this. Here is what we do know:

“Mrs. Clinton didn’t have an economic message. The middle class did not vote for her. Huge parts of the country, the center of the country, non-rich people and non-poor people ignored her appeals,” he continued.

“Would it be more fruitful to a Democrat to say like, let’s get that economic message, like let’s listen to the middle class.”

Miller dodged and weaved, but he couldn’t provide a lick of evidence for his claims. Watch the exchange here:

Carlson speaks for many frustrated conservatives who listen to claims every day that Trump only won the presidency because of this scandal or that problem.

Truth is, Trump won the presidency because the people of America wanted to see true changed in this country and liked his message — and hated his opponent.

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