Tucker Carlson Blasts Lawyer Who’s Defending Alleged Illegal Rapist of 14-Year-Old Girl

Tucker Carlson Blasts Lawyer Whos Defending Alleged Illegal Rapist of 14-Year-Old Girl

A lawyer who is defending one of the two illegal immigrants accused of raping a student at a Rockville, Maryland, high school made the unfortunate mistake of going on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” this week, where he got eviscerated for impugning the 14-year-old girl at the center of the allegations.

David Moyse is the lawyer for 18-year-old Henry Sanchez-Milian, accused in the rape at Rockville High School last week. Even though there were reports of screams outside the bathroom, Moyse said the encounter was “not a rape in any sense.”

“Is your argument going to be that she invited sex with two men in a bathroom at a high school in the middle of the day and then lied that it was rape?” Carlson said, saying that Moyse’s argument was “in effect, an attack on this girl who told authorities that she was raped.”

“We have a system here. When people are accused, we go through the system,” Moyse said, arguing that people should not listen to “the initial sensational headlines.”

Instead, Moyse said that “questions” could be raised about not only the alleged attackers, but also the accuser in this case.

Carlson was not impressed by this, needless to say.

“Man, you better be right about this because if you’re going to be impugning the character of a 14-year-old girl who said she was raped, others said they heard her screams,” Carlson said. “To impugn her character, I mean you better, before God, make sure that you’re on the right side of this.

“Before you say something like this, do you kind of think, ‘Man, I’m putting my soul on the line here?’ Do you have those thoughts to yourself?” he added.

Take a look below:

It’s interesting to note that the left hates whenever someone impugns the motives of a rape accuser in cases that bolster their agenda (UVA, Duke) but are perfectly silent about this attorney’s seeming attempts to question the motives of a 14-year-old girl.

I wonder why that is. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the political implications behind the case.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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