Trump’s Picture Put Up in GITMO Letting Prisoners Know Major Changes Are Coming Their Way

Trumps Picture Put Up in GITMO Letting Prisoners Know Major Changes Are Coming Their Way

President Donald Trump has only been in office for a few days, but you can already feel, and see, the changes that have taken place now that President Barack Obama is out of office.

Trump has met with business leaders and labor leaders. He has signed executive orders fulfilling campaign promises, and he has vowed to continue the war on the Islamic State terror group until it is eradicated.

At the Guantanamo Bay prison, the change under the Trump administration is already apparent. It didn’t take long for Obama’s official photo to be taken down and for Trump’s to be put up.

While this is a standard change, it also is something that should strike fear into the heart of every terrorist out there. Trump has promised to keep Gitmo open and to fill it with more terrorists.

NPR noted that on the campaign trail Trump had vowed he would load Gitmo up with “some bad dudes.”

When Obama released as many prisoners from the prison as he could during the last weeks of his presidency, Trump took to Twitter and stated that no more prisoners should be released, Politico reported.

Trump takes America’s national security seriously, and terrorists around the world should be on notice: There’s a new sheriff in town and he isn’t going to be as nice as the last one.

Trump will do whatever it takes to make sure America is secure. He has hired the best people to lead the fight against the Islamic State group, so we can be confident that decisive action will be taken in the coming weeks and months.

To quote President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 campaign, “It’s morning again in America,” and Trump will try to make sure the darkness never returns.

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