Trump’s INCREDIBLE Tribute to Fallen SEAL Steals the Show at Speech to Congress

Trumps INCREDIBLE Tribute to Fallen SEAL Steals the Show at Speech to Congress

There were plenty of applause lines in President Donald Trump’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. (Unless, of course, you were on the Democrat side of the aisle. In that case, there was plenty of conspicuous stillness and white Ann Taylor suits.)

However, one part of the speech got everyone in the audience up and applauding in respect and appreciation. That was the president’s tribute to fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens and his widow.

Owens died during a Jan. 29 raid against Al Qaeda assets in Yemen. The raid has become a source of controversy, with the administration defending it as a source of valuable intelligence and the media calling it a failure.

However, there was no controversy inside the Capitol Tuesday night as the president paid tribute to Owens and the widow he left behind.

“We are blessed to be joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of U.S. Navy special operator, Senior Chief William ‘Ryan’ Owens,” Trump said, according to The New York Times. “Ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation.

“I just spoke to our great (Secretary of Defense) Gen. Mattis just now who reconfirmed that, and I quote, ‘Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy,’” he continued.

“Ryan’s legacy is etched into eternity … And Ryan is looking down right now. You know that. And he’s very happy, because I think he just broke a record,” Trump continued, referencing the applause.

“For as the Bible teaches us, there is no greater act of love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country and for our freedom. And we will never forget Ryan.”

Of all the things that the crowd applauded on Tuesday night, it was heartening to see that the one that got the most applause was a tribute to one of our fallen heroes. And it was equally heartening to see a president who was willing to make it a centerpiece of a very major speech.

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