Trump’s First Presidential Portrait Unveiled… It’s EPIC


It doesn’t take much to make a liberal unhappy. A latte any more or less than three-quarters caffeinated. Skinny jeans that don’t compliment your beard. And, of course, anyone or anything that treats President-elect Donald Trump with anything less than contempt.

We found that out yet again when Trump’s first presidential portrait was revealed, and it didn’t portray the 45th president as a fire-breathing mutant with three heads and a Russian puppeteers’ hand up his derriere.

The portrait was done by North Carolina painter and sculptor Chas Fagan as part of C-SPAN’s “American Presidents: Life Portraits” exhibit, a touring art exhibition featuring portraits of our presidents.

Here it is:

“Beyond following the campaign and the election like everyone else, my preparation entailed gathering up a collection of photographs that could be used as reference. You’d imagine that there should be countless images out there, but the reality is that public media photographs of candidates show frozen action moments. Whereas traditional portraits attempt to capture contemplative, relaxed moments,” Fagan said of his painting.

“There are innumerable images of candidates seemingly contorted in expression or gesture. In an online advertisement for an upcoming interview with Mr. Trump I came across a small still image from video. It did not have much detail, but it happened to reveal a more relaxed expression. And that was the foundation for the painting.”

Fagan also said he worked to bring out the future president’s eyes.

“In most photos, his eyes are in shadow and difficult to see, in part due to his distinctive brow line,” Fagan said. “But eyes are such a recognizable feature, and necessary to give a portrait warmth and personality, so I worked to give them a bit more prominence. I think the result is that we have a softer look into his face than we often get from public media photography.”

So, needless to say, liberals loved it.

Nah, I’m just kidding, they went to Twitter to vent their rage.

Now, I know we have to do this exercise three times a week or so, but imagine if similar comments had been made about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Or, heaven forbid, the liberal lord and savior, President Barack Obama? Jezebel would be running a three-part report on misogyny and bigotry on social media using these as examples, urging social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to crack down.

Here, nothing. Absolute silence, except from conservative media. We can be thankful that this double standard doesn’t change who the president is, but it should tell us just why so many Americans are frustrated with traditional media.

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