Trump’s Cadillac Limo Will Be Equipped with Tear Gas Cannon and Shotgun

Trumps Cadillac Limo Will Be Equipped with Tear Gas Cannon and Shotgun

As president of the United States, a man needs thorough protection while traveling through town, and that’s what incoming President Donald J. Trump will be receiving come Inauguration Day.

For you see, it is on this day that his “Cadillac One” limousine will be debuted to both the public and the president-elect.

Set to replace President Barack Obama’s fleet of a dozen limos, this single behemoth will reportedly be stocked with weapons designed to keep would-be rioters and other such vermin at bay, including a powerful shotgun and even a tear gas cannon.

You can take a first look at this limo, which has reportedly been dubbed “The Beast,” here:

As noted by The Hill, the limo will also feature bulletproof windows and be plated with military-grade armor, reportedly “making the doors so heavy that President Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.”

According to Autoweek, however, the limo will inherit most of its traits — including its size and general design — from previous presidential limos. The “big changes” will reportedly center on the limo’s communications system. Perhaps it will include access to gigabit internet?

Granted, Autoweek speculated that it was “unlikely to be transformed into a mobile office” featuring “multiple tables, screens and office equipment,” since presidents do not typically spend that much time in the limo.

Of course, presidents haven’t typically been billionaire businessmen, either.

The only drawback to the limo was that it would reportedly cost $1.5 million, which in fairness was a small price to pay to both keep the most important man in the world safe and protected and also arm him with the weapons needed to keep back haters and miscreants.

In fact, some of Trump’s most ardent supporters might be willing to pay a lot more just to have the honor of seeing him use his limo to spray some rioters with tear gas. But of course we hope it doesn’t come to that.

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