Trump Vows Administration Will Buy American And Hire American


Over the past week, President-elect Donald Trump has held a series of “thank you” rallies in various swing states as a way of thanking the American people for his victory and giving them a glimpse of what the coming Trump administration will look like.

At his Thursday rally in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump unveiled the two simple rules that his administration will follow — two rules that will make an incredible difference for America, CNS News reported.

“My administration will follow two simple rules: Buy American and hire American,” Trump said to a crowd that roared with approval.

“Remember years ago, we used to proudly display ‘Made in the USA.’ You’d go get a car, right? And you’d have it say, ‘Made in the USA.’ We don’t see it. Have you seen it? I don’t see it anymore. We ought to start doing that,” he continued.

Trump also promised to fight to keep companies from shipping their jobs overseas, using steep tariffs and penalties if need be to look out for the American worker.

In fact, Trump has already saved jobs from being shipped overseas. The Detroit News reported that at his Michigan rally on Friday, Dow Chemical Co. announced that it would be creating 100 new jobs in Michigan, as well as bringing back 100 more jobs that had been moved overseas.

CNN noted that Trump also used the rally in Iowa to introduce the people of Iowa to their own governor, Terry Branstad, who Trump has tapped to be his ambassador to China — the country Trump has blamed for many of the economic problems facing America.

In the past few weeks, Trump has shown that he is going to be taking the presidency seriously, and he is going to follow through on his promises to put America First and help “the forgotten man and woman.”

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