Trump Voters Horrified to Learn George Soros Company Supplied Voting Machines


There has been quite a bit of talk recently from the camp of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump about the possibility of the election being “rigged” in favor of his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton.

Of course Clinton and her supporters have reacted to Trump’s suggestions with hypocritical faux outrage and shock that he would dare mention such a thing, apparently forgetting the many, many times they themselves suggested the same thing regarding former President George W. Bush’s two presidential wins, among others.

But there is most certainly evidence of the potential for an election being rigged, at least at some level, particularly with the increasing use of hackable electronic voting machines, specifically those built by a company with ties to someone who has openly expressed interest in manipulating the results of American elections, according to The Daily Caller.

Some 16 states, including seven crucial swing states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia — use electronic voting machines in some or all of their precincts provided by U.K.-based technology company Smartmatic.

Smartmatic has bragged on its website that it has provided more than 57,000 voting machines in the U.S. that have been used by upwards of 35 million voters.

They even amusingly tout both Venezuela and Cook County, Illinois, as “success” stories, even as both locations are often held up as prime examples of places where voter fraud and questionable election results have been rampant.

As it turns out, the chairman of Smartmatic was Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, a member of the British House of Lords who just so happens to also sit on the board of the notorious anti-American billionaire George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation. He also has deep ties to the United Nations and other globalist bodies.

On top of that, Malloch-Brown also has ties to the Clinton campaign through two different consulting firms he has worked closely with, the Sawyer-Miller firm and FTI Consulting.

Mandy Grunwald, who worked through the Sawyer-Miller firm to aid former President Bill Clinton’s 1992 election victory, also served as head of communications for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 run and has been involved with her 2016 campaign.

Jackson Dunn, currently senior managing director for FTI, previously worked in D.C. for 15 years as an aide to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

George Soros and those with whom he allies himself have made it quite clear that they prefer a more globalist America, the kind that Clinton has suggested she would foster if elected president.

Is it that far-fetched, then, to wonder if the company that provides electronic voting machines for U.S. elections might rig those machines in some fashion to achieve their highly desired outcome of a Clinton victory in the election?

We have seen evidence in past elections of voting machines automatically changing votes to a particular candidate, usually explained away as some sort of glitch or default mode.

As always, voters would be wise to keep a close eye on their final votes and note anything untoward that might happen this year.

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