Trump Uses Post-Electoral College Vote Dinner to Show He’s Uniting Party Against Libs


On Monday, the Electoral College made President-elect Donald Trump’s victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton official, and Trump celebrated in truly amazing fashion.

Trump went out to dinner with members of “Team Trump,” including chief strategist Steve Bannon and chief of staff Reince Priebus. A photo of the group was posted on Twitter by Dan Scavino Jr.

Trump has promised to unite the Republican Party, and this photo was proof-positive that he was doing just that. Bannon and Priebus come from two very different wings of the Republican Party, yet Trump has brought them together.

Bannon is from the very anti-establishment, burn-down-Washington section of the party, while Priebus almost literally personifies the Republican establishment. But here they are:

The two are both advising Trump, who has made it clear that he wants both of them on his team in some of the top spots available — something that should have the liberal media quaking in their overpriced shoes.

Trump is determined to bring the Republican Party back together to form a unified front against the Democrats. Right now Republicans have the upper hand because Democrats have no idea who their leaders are and no clue what to do following Clinton’s demoralizing loss.

Republicans have suffered over the past eight years because they have failed to come together to fight against President Barack Obama’s liberal government overreach, but this is the moment for Republicans to come together, present a unified agenda to America and forge a future filled with optimism and hope.

By bringing together the different sects of the Republican Party, Trump can create a beautiful red wall that will last long after he has served his (hopefully) two terms in office and stop destructive Democrat legislation for years to come.

People like Bannon and Priebus will likely never see eye to eye on everything, but both men, and the movements they represent, want what is best for this country.

Trump looks like he’s going to listen to all sides before he makes major decisions about the future of this country. That’s what a real leader would do.

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