Trump Tweets Announcement That He Won’t Attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Trump Tweets Announcement That He Wont Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Within 24 hours of President Donald Trump announcing Saturday that he would not be attending this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, liberal pundits trotted out the most absurd theories to explain his decision.

“Trump, like dictators in the Middle East, where I’ve performed comedy countless times, don’t want to be publicly ridiculed,” warned CNN contributor and Muslim whiner Dean Obeidallah in a column published Sunday. “The leaders there prefer being revered — or even feared — but can’t endure being mocked, because they believe it will undermine their power.”

Really? In Obeidallah’s defense, he did at least offer another possible explanation: “Trump could never compete with (former President Barack) Obama’s comedy chops and Trump knows it.”

Both reasons were likely false, but at least the second one wasn’t delusional as well.

Writing for The Daily Wire, seasoned conservative commentator Ben Shapiro provided a more reasonable explanation for why Trump has opted to skip this year’s dinner.

“There’s no reason for Trump to go,” he said. “Networks have already declared that they might not show up, as a way to protest what they perceive as Trump’s attacks on them. Why should he show up to be ripped to shreds by some hack like Stephen Colbert, the way (former President George) W. (Bush) was?”

Plus, the dinner functions like “a Democratic Party worship society, with Republican presidents like George W. Bush mocked in brutal fashion from the dais while Democrats like President Obama are soothed and patted by comedians,” Shapiro said.

Even leftist comedian Jon Stewart once described it as “incestuous,” Talking Points Memo reported two years ago.

The  White House Correspondents’ Dinner is little more than a wasteful and self-serving event designed for Democrats and their liberal cohorts to celebrate each other’s existence. What with a new era brought about by President Trump, who has promised to buck the establishment and really “Make America Great Again,” perhaps it is time to consign this pitiful affair to the dustbin of history.

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