Trump Thanks The Black Voters Who Didn’t Come Out And Vote For Hillary


There is a political myth in this country that needs to be addressed here and now.

That is the absolute falsehood that black people and white people want different things in their leadership and will predictably vote for the candidate who panders to them. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton relied on it. That didn’t work out well.

President-elect Donald Trump saw through this fallacy. Yesterday in Hershey, Pennsylvania, he had a simple and heartfelt message for black Americans who refused to endorse either candidate, according to TheBlaze: “Thank you for not voting.”

However it might sound, Trump’s intent was apparently sincere: to recognize that so many Americans took a stand in November and will not settle for mediocre leadership.

The oft-touted liberal media fact that Clinton received 89 percent of the black vote, while Trump received only 8 percent, doesn’t tell the story. In one of the most hotly contested presidential races in history, 41.6 percent of eligible voters simply refused to vote at all, according to the United States Elections Project.

That’s 90 million people of all cultural backgrounds who did not give Hillary Clinton what she expected.

The mandate of fed-up Americans who didn’t believe in Trump any more than they could support Hillary Clinton worked in Trump’s favor. It’s a demand for new, aggressive leadership that represents the many, not the few.

MSNBC reflected on Trump’s campaign message that black voters should give him a chance because the Democrats they’d been voting for had failed them. His now-famous appeal:  “What the hell do you have to lose?”

Let’s be clear: Every American should cherish, defend, and exercise their right to vote. But Donald Trump is to be commended for recognizing and respecting the reason who so many people didn’t.

So far, Trump is appointing team members who don’t agree with him, forming alliances with people who opposed him, and thanking people who didn’t vote for him. This could actually be the start of something wonderful.

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