Trump Takes Office, Immediately 1 Term Deleted Across Entire White House Website

Trump Takes Office Immediately 1 Term Deleted Across Entire White House Website

Talk about moving fast! The instant Trump took office today, one term was immediately deleted across the entire White House website. Trump means business!

At 11:59 a.m. Eastern time, according to the U.K. Independent, the official White House website had a page that spoke about all of the steps the federal government was utilizing to fight climate change.

At precisely one minute later, when Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States … the page was removed.

Also removed was any mention of “climate change” or “global warming.” Below is a screenshot, provided by, which shows what the site looked like at 11:59 am:

website 1159

Then when that page was searched after the changeover occurred at noon, this is the message that appeared instead:

climate change 2

While it is customary for to change over to the new administration exactly at noon, what is interesting is that Trump’s transition team apparently made a concerted effort to show that with his administration, the only climate change that was going to be focused on was one of a more figurative nature: from Barack Obama, to Donald Trump.

Now, the only mention of climate anywhere on the site is located under Trump’s, “America First Energy Plan,” which vowed to destroy Obama’s “Climate Action Plan.”

Searching the site for the term “global warming” yielded no results on the site, and the only mentions of “climate change” led to archived pages that have been deleted.

And part of Trump’s “America First Energy Plan” was a promise to increase drilling:

trump website

Talk about a change in climate. Trump’s administration is finally here.

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