Trump-Supporting Ohio Elector Steps Down Just Hours Before Vote


Republican Ohio state Rep. Christina Hagan is stepping down as a presidential elector just hours before Ohio’s Electoral College vote.

This comes after two Stark County residents on Monday morning filed an emergency lawsuit against Hagan.

The lawsuit claimed Hagan would violate the Ohio Constitution if she were to participate as a presidential elector.

Ohio’s Constitution has a provision that prevents any member of the Ohio legislature from holding any public office in the state.

“The Ohio Supreme Court has held that the office of Ohio presidential elector is a state office,” the suit says. “Hagan would thus be violating Ohio’s Constitution and acting illegally to vote in the Electoral College.”

The lawsuit was filed by Andrew Diliddo Jr.and Hagan’s former Democratic opponent, Deborah Cain.

Cain led an unsuccessful campaign against Hagan in 2014.

“It is unfortunate that the extreme left has engaged in what is the most obvious display of partisan and extreme political bullying that can occur,” Hagan said in a post on her Facebook page Sunday night.

Hagan wrote in the Facebook post she was not stepping down in response to the lawsuit, but “to ensure no delay in the official election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States.”

“I did not step down due to the liberal left’s lawsuit,” Hagan added in a text message to the Dispatch. “I stepped down to ensure they did not slow the process of electing the president in any way.”

“I am a firm believer that this is intended to be a peaceful transition regardless of their attempts to create excess hardships and havoc.”

Hagan will be speaking to supporters within the Ohio Senate Chamber later today.

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