Trump Supporters At Nashville Rally Drown Out Protester With Chant Of ‘USA!’

Trump Supporters At Nashville Rally Drown Out Protester With Chant Of USA

A rally held Wednesday by President Donald Trump was briefly interrupted by a protester before many others in the audience muffled her outburst with a chant of their own.

The incident occurred during Trump’s speech to supporters in Nashville, Tenn., as he reiterated his plan to slash federal regulations.

“The regulation business has become a terrible business; and we’re going to bring it down to where it should be,” he said as the protester reportedly raised an anti-Trump sign and began yelling.

The outburst was quickly met with boos and groans, which then morphed into cries of “USA! USA!”

Trump dismissed the demonstrator with a hand wave before acknowledging the interruption and predicting how the press would treat it.

“One person,” he said as security removed the individual. “And they’ll be the story tomorrow. ‘Did you hear? There was a protester.’”

The protester was later identified as Dr. Carol Paris, an advocate of health-care reform who told The Tennessean her public display came weeks after she sent a letter to the White House requesting a meeting with Trump.

“It was nerve racking,” she said. “But I had to do it.”

Though police escorted her out of the venue, reports indicate Paris will not face any charges.

Hers was the only protest reported from inside Municipal Auditorium Wednesday. Outside, on the other hand, an estimated 2,500 individuals gathered to protest Trump’s rally.

Two of the demonstrators were reportedly cited by police for fighting. Several students from nearby Fisk University were also confronted by a police officer and instructed to “move on” or “be arrested.”

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