Trump Staffer Tells CNN Reporter He’ll Be Kicked Out if He Yells at Trump Again… Media Is FREAKING Out

Trump Staffer Tells CNN Reporter Hell Be Kicked Out if He Yells at Trump Again Media Is FREAKING Out

Perhaps the most memorable moment from President-elect Donald Trump’s news conference yesterday was the exchange between Trump and CNN reporter Jim Acosta, in which Acosta yelled at Trump repeatedly, demanding that he take a question from him.

Trump told the reporter he would not take his question and then proceeded to tell him, after several interruptions, that CNN was fake news.

Incoming White House spokesman Sean Spicer appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” after the news conference and said he had warned Acosta he would have him removed in the future should he behave like that again.

“I informed him that his behavior was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate and if it happened again I would have him removed,” Spicer said. You can see his comments here:

He added that Acosta owed the president-elect and the American public an apology.

Spicer was right, of course. The office of the presidency deserves respect, regardless of who the president is.

Below is a clip of of Acosta yelling at Trump, which is what brought on the controversy in the first place:

So Trump defended himself. Fair enough, right?

Of course, from the left’s point of view, this exchange was Trump’s fault.

They think Trump should let the liberal media walk all over him.

Trump doesn’t have any obligation to speak to irresponsible media, especially CNN, which has run with just about every story it could to make Trump look bad. He doesn’t need them.

Having said that, the president does, of course, need to speak with members of the media at times, or he or she risks alienating voters.

The mainstream media, and Democrats in general, are still struggling with the fact that they lost the election. Liberal news outlets will eventually need to come to grips with the fact that they are losing their monopoly on “news,” or they will find themselves at the bottom of the ratings — like MSNBC.

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