Trump Signs Executive Orders to Crack Down on Cartels and Violent Crime

Trump Signs Executive Orders to Crack Down on Cartels and Violent Crime

When he was campaigning, Donald Trump promised a focus on law and order to an extent we haven’t seen in many a year. As it turns out, it wasn’t just an empty promise.

In his first few weeks in office, the new president has managed to put criminals on notice with a number of executive orders and major appointments that show just how seriously he takes the problem of crime in the United States. And nowhere was this more evident than in the Oval Office on Thursday.

The president not only signed a series of actions designed to make Americans safer, he swore in Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a man whose outlook marks a decided change on how the Department of Justice has been run for the past eight years.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Trump signed three orders in the Oval Office. One dealt with criminal cartels, with the president saying that he would order the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security “to undertake all necessary and lawful actions to break the back of the criminal cartels that have spread across our nation and (are) destroying the blood of our youth.”

“Today’s ceremony should be seen as a clear message to the gang members and drug dealers terrorizing innocent people,” Trump said in his remarks. “Your day is over.  A new era of justice begins, and it begins right now.

The second would allow Attorney General Sessions to set up a task force to study violent crime. The third would direct “the Department of Justice to implement a plan to stop crime and crimes of violence against law enforcement officers.”

“It’s a shame what’s been happening to our great, truly great law enforcement officers,” President Trump said, in a marked contrast to his predecessor. “That’s going to stop as of today.”

It wasn’t the only time that Trump managed to take a stand for police officers this week, either. Speaking before the National Sheriffs’ Association on Wednesday, Trump said that “we all see what happens and what’s been happening to you. It’s not fair. We must protect those who protect us.”

In a news release, the White House laid out the reasons for the orders, noting that “(i)n 2016, murders in large cities increased by double digits” and that “(l)ast year in Chicago, more than 4,000 people were shot.”

Attorney General Sessions seems to be just the man to take care of this problem. Check out his remarks after being sworn in and see if you notice a difference from the kinds of things we heard from the Obama administration:

“We have a crime problem,” Sessions said. “I wish the blip — I wish the rise that we’re seeing in crime in America today were some sort of aberration or a blip. My best judgment, having been involved in criminal law enforcement for many years, is that this is a dangerous, permanent trend that places the health and safety of the American people at risk.”

Those remarks caused a lot of consternation on the liberal side of the aisle, particularly from the media. However, it’s not the media who gave Trump the election. It’s the American people — and the safety of their communities is first and foremost in their priorities.

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