Trump to Sign Executive Order This Weekend to Defund International Planned Parenthood

Trump to Sign Executive Order This Weekend to Defund International Planned Parenthood

Within days of being sworn in, President Trump planned to re-institute a policy that would bar foreign aid from being distributed to nongovernmental organizations that provide or promote abortions, including the Planned Parenthood International Federation, a congressional staffer told Foreign Policy magazine.

Though great news, this was not necessarily surprising, as it has been customary for newly elected Republican presidents to re-institute the “Mexico City Policy,” as it is known, upon stepping into office.

Likewise, since first being issued by former President Ronald Reagan in 1984, the policy has been rescinded by the two Democrat presidents who followed, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

As noted by the New York Daily News, the Mexico City Policy was just an addition to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits direct federal funding for abortions. Because it extends the prohibition to groups that provide other services, but also promote abortions, the liberal media call it a “gag rule.”

Under the Mexico City Policy, U.S. funding could be stripped from international organizations like the United Nations Population Fund and the UN Refugee Agency, the Daily News explained.

Trump’s executive orderto reinstate the Mexico City Policy was expected by Sunday, the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the U.S., Foreign Policy reported.

Combined, the Hyde Amendment and Mexico City Policy made it near impossible for baby-killing organizations like Planned Parenthood International to obtain any money from the American taxpayers. They were godsends to pro-life conservatives, but poison to pro-choice liberals such as New Hampshire Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

“It will be one of their first actions, which is very short-sighted,” Shaheen told Foreign Policy regarding Trump’s plan to re-institute the Mexico City Policy.

Amnesty International reportedly agreed, claiming that the policy would “send a dangerous message to the world that the reproductive rights of women and girls, and refugees’ rights are not a priority.”

Interestingly, neither Shaheen nor Amnesty International had anything to say about the rights of babies, who many liberals have claimed are not even living beings but rather clumps of cells. Thanks to President Trump, however, these alleged “clumps of cells” now have a warrior defending the sanctity of their lives.

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