Trump Shows Up at Costume Party Dressed as Himself


On Saturday night, President-elect Donald Trump attended a heroes-and-villains-themed fundraiser on Long Island, and stunned many of the guests by what he chose to wear.

Trump arrived at the event with no obvious costume on, The Washington Post reported. When asked what he was going as, Trump pointed to himself and mouthed the world “me.”

So Trump dressed as himself for a “heroes and villains” party. You know you’re on the top of the world when you can actually do that and get away with it.

The party Trump attended is a yearly bash hosted by the Mercer family, who were major donors to Trump’s campaign, and Bloomberg noted that tickets were in high demand this year thanks to Trump’s presence at the party.

Politico noted that the Mercers have a big reason to celebrate this year because they invested heavily in Trump’s campaign and it paid off “bigly.”

None of Trump’s family attended the event, and it was unclear why that was. Trump himself attended as part of his “thank you” tour to various donors and people who supported him throughout the election.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, chose to attend the party dressed as Wonder Woman — a fitting costume, as she did wonders for the Trump campaign.

Conway initially said she would be dressing as Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon, but ultimately chose to forgo that costume in favor of something a little more conventional.

Republicans were probably tripping over themselves to attend this event because they have all been eager to ingratiate themselves with Trump now that he is the president-elect.

During the campaign, Trump was more interested in connecting to the American people than attending fundraisers, but that may change now that he is president-elect and has to maintain professional relationships with thousands of very influential people.

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