Trump Seeks To Pass New Law as President and it’s the ULTIMATE Slap in the Face to Obama!


We all know that Donald Trump will make a great president, but this goes WAY above expectations.

In the nearly 8 years Obama has been president, he has made our government into his own corrupt mafia. Obama has hired the most dishonest scum you can imagine to lie and cover for this administration. Well, President Trump isn’t having it, and he plans to undo the damage.

As president, Donald Trump will be seeking to enact a new law that will clean house.

Trump plans to purge the federal government of officials appointed by President Barack Obama and will ask Congress to pass legislation making it easier to fire public workers.

Chris Christie, the head of Trump’s White House transition team, confirmed this powerful move saying, “As you know from his other career, Donald likes to fire people,”

It won’t be east though, Obama already has plans to cheat the system to keep his corruption in place. Obama will convert his sleazy appointees to civil servants, who have more job security than officials who have been politically appointed. This would allow officials to keep their jobs when Trump is president.

“It’s called burrowing,” Christie said. “You take them from the political appointee side into the civil service side, in order to try to set up … roadblocks for your successor.”

Donald plans to IMMEDIATELY ask the Republican Congress to change the civil service laws so Trump can easily fire Obama’s minions.

This is what leadership looks like! So many patriots have dreamed of an outsider cleaning house in Washington, and a President Trump WILL Make that happen.

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