Trump Says “Nobody Really Knows” Anything About Climate Change


When it comes to climate change, President-elect Donald Trump has liberals running around in circles complaining about everything he says on the subject.

Most recently, in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace for “Fox News Sunday,” Trump used just three words to describe his thoughts on climate change, and caused liberals to go into a meltdown (no pun intended), The Daily Caller reported.

Nobody really knows,” Trump said.

Trump did also add that he is “open-minded” about the subject. Over the month since he won the election, Trump has suggested that he is open to believing climate change exists, but isn’t sure that it is entirely caused by humans as liberals would like you to believe.

In that same interview, Trump also seemed to suggest that he is open to having the United States remain a part of the Paris Agreement on climate change, Politico reported.

“Now, Paris I’m studying. I do say this. I don’t want that agreement to put us at a competitive disadvantage with other countries,” Trump explained.

You can hear Trump for yourself right here:

Trump has also made some moves recently that suggest that he would be willing to work with liberals on climate change. CBS News reported that Trump met with former Vice President Al Gore last week — a meeting that Gore described as “lengthy and productive.”

Trump has a history of making controversial statements about global warming, such as an infamous tweet in 2014 where he blamed it on the Chinese, though it is unclear if that was simply a joke.

Liberals routinely insist that climate change is real and that anyone who dares to question their highly questionable science hates the planet and wants to kill everyone.

All Trump wants is for America to succeed on the world stage, and for any action we take to benefit American workers and the America economy.

Trump isn’t just going to blindly follow climate change proponents at the risk of killing thousands of American jobs for no reason, and that’s what makes him a true leader.

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