Trump Said Iranians Would Be Blown Out of Water and US Navy Just Opened Fire …


When he was still just a candidate, President-elect Donald Trump promised that, if elected, he would rebuild America’s depleted military, and take a much tougher approach to America’s enemies, like the country of Iran.

On Monday morning, news broke that a U.S. Navy destroyer was forced to fire warning shots at Iranian “fast-attack vessels” after they got too close to the ship, Yahoo News reported.

Fox News reported that the USS Mahan fired warning flares after the Iranian vessels failed to respond to radio communications.

You know, this sort of crap is really getting old. We’ve had to deal with this garbage for eight years because of outgoing President Barack Obama, but now times are changing and in 11 days we will have a new president who won’t tolerate this foolishness.

In fact, back in September Trump famously stated (after yet another close call with Iranian ships) that if Iran tried to pull a stunt like this while he was in office, he would have the boats be “shot out of the water.”

“And by the way, with Iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures that our people — that they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water,” Trump said at a rally, CNN reported.

The USS Cole was damaged by a bombing in 2000 that was carried out by a small explosive-laden vessel, similar to the Iranian boats. One of these days, if America does nothing, that tragedy could be repeated with an Iranian craft slamming into a U.S. vessel.

We can’t just wait for that to happen. The U.S. Navy must be allowed to defend itself.

It is entirely possible that once Trump is sworn in, the military won’t need to shoot Iranian boats out of the water.

Once we have a real president in office who isn’t afraid to use military force, Iran may simply stop harassing U.S. vessels in the region out of fear of antagonizing Trump.

In any case, it’s time for America to get tough with Iran. We’ve been dealing with their schoolyard tactics for far too long.

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