Trump Was Right! You Won’t Sleep Tonight After Seeing WHO Owns Mainstream Media…


On Monday, Saudi Arabia beheaded its 100th prisoner in 2016. It’s a big deal, but you won’t see it on Arab media. In fact, you won’t see it on the news in any country.

*** This is what Saudi Arabia is trying to use to take down Trump.

A new leak by Wikileaks today called “Saudi Cables” shows how they do it. They run massive PR campaigns to build important relationships with important countries – like the U.S. They control their image by buying loyalties from everyone – including the U.S.

They refer to their efforts in the media as “contain” and “Neutralize” and “confrontation”

Here is how they seek to control the U.S. and world population.

Saudi Media War Technique #1: Neutralize.

If Saudi Arabia is reported negatively in the media they buy individual journalists and media institutions whose silence can be bought.

These “Neutralized” journalists are not expected to praise and defend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Instead, they are just to ignore or not publish news that negatively reflects on the Kingdom or its policies.

Saudi Media War Technique #2: Contain.

This approach is used when the “Neutralize” approach isn’t working. Journalists and media that they have previously relied on are expected to start running pro-Saudi propaganda and to attack the sources that criticize Saudi Arabia.

*** You got to see the sinister thing they do last.

3. Saudi ULTIMATE technique: Confrontation.

When the Foreign Minister tried to remove Iran’s new Arabic-language news network, Al-Alam, from a local communications satellite operator. Their initial plan failed so they weaken “its broadcast signal.”

Saudi Arabia currently owns $116 billion in American debt.

They also own major stakes in several American media companies and Twitter.

We are at war.

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