Trump Rebukes FBI For Not Stopping Information Leaks

Trump Rebukes FBI For Not Stopping Information Leaks

President Donald Trump ripped into the FBI Friday morning, denouncing the agency as being either unwilling or unable to stop the endless leaks of sensitive information to the media.

Trump’s tweets follow a CNN report claiming the FBI refused to contradict media reports about communications between Trump’s associates and Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. Trump has insisted these reports have wrongly portrayed what actually happened.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the White House request was not aimed at telling the FBI to hew to Trump’s line.

“We didn’t try to knock the story down. We asked them to tell the truth,” he said.

Trump’s administration has been plagued by leaks of sensitive information, which Trump has sought to stop.

Trump’s Friday tweets against the FBI come one week after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., requested that the FBI investigate the leaks of classified information to the media.

Nunes has called the leaks “totally unacceptable.”

“I think most of this is probably from people who were in the old administration, but there still could be some people that have burrowed in and are providing classified information to the media,” he added.

Nunes has said he believes the leaks have a political purpose, but are damaging the nation.

“If the shoe was on the other foot here and this was a Democrat, you can imagine Democrats in the House and the Senate would be going crazy – if this happened to someone within the Obama administration from one of our national security agencies.”

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