Trump Promises Crowd That His Admin Will “Buy American” and “Hire American”


President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You tour” has offered numerous examples of the differences between him and President Barack Obama.

At a recent stop in Orlando, Florida, for example, Trump made two big promises that Obama never did (or would): His administration will “buy American,” and “hire American.”

Trump began his thank-you speech with a “Merry Christmas” for the crowd as Christmas trees provided the festive backdrop for the event, Breitbart reported.

Trump promised, “Thank you Florida. My Administration will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN!”

To add to the uplifting speech, Trump asserted that another slogan, in addition to “Buy American” and “Hire American,” would be “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” which will describe his economic platform.

He encouraged the crowd to “Dream big and bold and daring,” and finished out his speech with “I’m asking you to believe in yourself and asking you to believe in America.”

You can watch video of the entire event below:

“Together we will make America great again,” Trump said as the crowd cheered in response.

Twitter users responded to the uplifting and patriotic event:

What a refreshing change it is to see a president who talks about revving up the economy and, instead of spitting in the faces of Americans, spits in the face of political correctness and the things that have held us back for far too long.

First lady Michelle Obama whined recently that with her husband’s presidency ending and Trump’s about to begin, she doesn’t see hope, The Daily Caller reported.

Well maybe she should open her eyes and take a look at the millions of Americans who finally feel a renewed hope that they had lost over the last eight years.

Just look at the difference between Obama and Trump. Obama began his presidency with an American apology tour, and before he’s even set foot in office, Trump has embarked on a thank-you tour where he has expressed how extraordinary this country is and how much better we can be.

That says it all.

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