Trump Has Phone Conversation With President Of Taiwan


President-elect Donald Trump continued to add items to the list of things that no other presidents have done Friday with a surprising phone call.

Trump spoke with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen — a call she apparently initiated. The phone conversation was the first between a U.S. president or president-elect with one of Taiwan’s leader since 1979, The Hill reported.

Their conversation broke decades of U.S. protocol.

Tsai Ing-wen reportedly offered her congratulations to Trump, according to a news release from the Trump team. The two discussed the “close economic, political, and security ties between Taiwan and the United States,” the team said, ABC reported.

A statement from the Taiwanese president’s office said Ing-wen expressed admiration for Trump’s success, The Washington Post reported.

The conversation was one of several unorthodox conversations Trump has held with foreign leaders since winning the presidential election. The Post reported the call came at a particularly tense time between China and Taiwan, as­­­ Ing-wen has not supported the notion of a unified China.

Trump did not give the White House advance notice about the call, an administration official told The Hill.

The phone conversation irritated China, which lodged a diplomatic protest on Saturday, claiming the move could possibly upset the “one China” rule that has been recognized ever since Jimmy Carter switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China, Reuters reported.

The call no doubt vexed President Barack Obama as well, because he would never do anything to upset China and their most favored nation status.

Trump responded to criticism of the conversation on Twitter, saying that it was interesting how the U.S. cold sell Taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but he shouldn’t accept a congratulatory call.

It looks like Trump is going to continue to do things his way.

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