Trump Paid Much Higher Tax Rate Than Even Normal Wealthy People

Trump Paid Much Higher Tax Rate Than Even Normal Wealthy People

Now that Rachel Maddow’s big Trump tax return reveal has flopped and the Geraldo Rivera/Al Capone’s vault jokes have worn out their welcome, the mainstream media is ready to pack up the tent and move on. And they have good reason to — if, that is, they want to preserve the myth that President Donald Trump is a tax dodge.

However, we think that Trump’s tax return deserves a longer look. It proved that not only did our current president pay more in taxes than former President Barack Obama or socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, but that he also paid more in taxes than the average person in his tax bracket.

The Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan Washington-based think tank, has a list of what the average individual income tax rate is for all tax brackets going back to 1979.

The center reported that in 2005, the year of the tax return obtained by Rachel Maddow, the average individual in the top tax bracket paid 19.7 percent.

Fox News reported that Trump’s tax return showed he paid $36.5 million on an income of $153 million. That’s a tax rate of a little under 25 percent — significantly more than the average individual in his tax bracket. And keep in mind, this came after he reported a business loss of $103 million.

The average individual paid 8.8 percent of their income in taxes the same year — far, far below what the president paid.

As it turns out, Donald Trump is a liberal hero. He paid over and above what most individuals in his tax bracket did so that the wheels of big government stay greased. Dare I suggest a parade? Maybe even a Nobel Peace Prize? (Heck, he’s certainly done just as much as Obama did to earn it.)

Yes, that’s obviously hyperbole, and I don’t expect even as much as Nancy Pelosi inviting him out for macrobiotic sushi. However, now that Trump’s tax return has absolutely blown up their narrative, the media couldn’t have moved on from the details quicker.

After 18 months of salivating over Donald Trump’s taxes, they finally got a return — and it proved everything they had said was wildly wrong. They should give this at least the same coverage they gave the innuendo and the speculation.

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