Trump Makes HUGE Move Toward Israel With Pre-Emptive Strike Obama Never Saw Coming


Barack Obama is helping Donald Trump look more presidential every day.

While the president luxuriated on vacation in Hawaii this week, his Secretary of State took to a podium in the State Department to try to defend the administration’s indefensible betrayal of one of the nation’s closest allies in front of the entire world.

But Trump had already beaten John Kerry to the punch – and rallied conservatives to the cause in the process.

In a pre-emptive strike delivered hours before Kerry made his remarks, the president-elect published Twitter posts that essentially disavowed Barack Obama’s Middle East policies when it came to Israel and its Arab neighbors, and reminded the Jewish state that the clock is running down on the Obama presidency.

The postings from the man who will be sworn in to the presidency in less than a month effectively nullified in advance every word that came out of Kerry’s duplicitous mouth on Wednesday. And considering that Kerry’s speech — which compared Israeli construction projects to Muslim mass murder — Trump’s intervention was a welcome defense shield.

One quote from Kerry’s address, as reported by Reuters, is particularly telling:

“The truth is that trends on the ground – violence, terrorism, incitement, settlement expansion and the seemingly endless occupation – are destroying hopes for peace on both sides and increasingly cementing an irreversible one-state reality that most people do not actually want.”

Note the ludicrous parallels. “Violence” and “terrorism” get equal billing with “settlement expansion” and “seemingly endless occupation,” as though a difference of opinion about home construction is the equivalent of rockets randomly fired into civilian areas or bombs placed aboard airplanes.

That’s the kind of standard moral equivalence Americans have been hearing from liberals for decades now. But in the context of the Obama administration’s brazen sellout of the Israeli government on Friday, Kerry’s speech took on a new, more dangerous tone.

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement condemning Kerry’s speech for blaming Israel exclusively for the conflict and avoiding any mention of Palestinian and Arab intransigence about Israel’s right even to exist.

“For more than an hour, Kerry obsessed over the issue of settlements and hardly touched on the root of the conflict — Palestinian resistance to a Jewish state within any borders,” the statement said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

And in the United States, conservatives – even those who openly opposed Trump throughout the election season – went on the attack.

Now, the point here isn’t that conservatives who’ve been against Trump since the primaries are magically going to change their minds about the president-elect because of a few tweets and a speech by a lame-duck secretary of state who rivals Hillary Clinton for the title of “worst ever.”

The point is that the Obama administration has been so wrong, for so long, about the United States’ real interests in the Arab-Israeli dispute that oil-and-water forces like Trump and those in the #NeverTrump camp can find common ground.

And while Barack Obama is enjoying yet another taxpayer-funded Hawaiian getaway for the Christmas holidays, Trump is back home, splitting his time between the transition to full power and comforting American allies the Democrats have disdained.

And looking more presidential by the day.

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