Trump Is Likely the 1st Drug-Free President in Decades

Trump Is Likely the 1st Drug-Free President in Decades

Critics of President-elect Donald Trump love to make an issue out of every character flaw they see in him and, in doing so, fail to recognize one positive characteristic that separates him from many of his predecessors.

That would be the fact that he has never used illegal drugs or drunk alcohol — something the past three men who have held the office of the presidency cannot say.

Throughout his campaign, Trump has been open about the issue of using drugs and drinking, arguing that abstaining from drugs has helped him become who he is. He has also openly discussed his brother, Fred, who died from alcohol-related issues, an event that became one of the motivating factors for steering clear from substances.

He also raised his children with a strict no drugs, drinking or smoking policy and believed that’s the best thing for children.

In contrast, President Barack Obama has openly admitted to using marijuana and cocaine in his youth, according to The U.K. Telegraph. He even admitted to inhaling because “that was the point,” The New York Times reported.

Obama’s response was quite different from former President Bill Clinton, who admitted to using marijuana “a time or two,” when he was a student at Oxford, but said he didn’t inhale when he did try it.

Take a look:

Whatever, Bill.

Former President George W. Bush also drank alcohol — in his younger days, sometimes to excess — and deferred when he was asked if he had ever used cocaine. He also wouldn’t confirm or deny previous marijuana use, the BBC reported.

Trump hasn’t had and won’t have a problem with such questions.

Watch Trump below discuss drinking, smoking and doing drugs on the campaign trail in New Hampshire late last year:

Many people may have several reasons for not liking Trump and his “bad” character, but his policy about doing substance use is one that virtually everyone should appreciate.

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