Trump Kills Woman!… Then Media Realize They Fell for MORE Fake News

Trump Kills Woman Then Media Realize They Fell for MORE Fake News

When President Donald Trump’s travel ban was blamed for the death of an Iraqi green card holder, acolytes of the left in both the media and the public took the story and ran with it.

Unfortunately for them, it was a complete lie.

Mike Hager, now a fairly famous liar, claimed that his mother could not return to the United States from Iraq because of Trump’s executive order banning migrants from Iraq and six other terror-prone countries. Hager said his mother died in Iraq, unable to receive American health care.

However, she had died five days before Trump even signed the order, reports Fox 2.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes actually deleted his previous tweets about his story in which he expressed his outrage, and later posted a tweet about how checking sources is so important.

“Deleting previous tweets, since he lied,” he tweeted. “Always Stay Skeptical Of Stories That Perfectly Confirm Your Priors (I’m shouting this at myself).”

Hayes was not the only one to be caught in the trap. The Washington Free Beacon compiled a list of dupes that had no less than 16 contributors, including comedienne Sarah Silverman, famous for recently calling for a military coup against  Trump, and the left-leaning Huffington Post, which should surprise absolutely no one.

This is the problem with fake news. It spreads like wildfire, and even when those who have been proven wrong come correct, there’s no way to know how many people read the first story and didn’t see the second one.

People need to be held accountable for their actions and statements.

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