Did Trump Just Sneak a “No Access” Sign Into His Presser? Troll Libs on Immigration?

Did Trump Just Sneak a No Access Sign Into His Presser Troll Libs on Immigration

Donald Trump: President-elect. Businessman extraordinaire. Political bulldog. Next-level troll.

Yes, there’s nobody who knows how to roil, rankle and irritate the left quite like Donald Trump. He managed to do it by not holding his first news conference as president-elect until two months after the election. Then, he managed to do it again, although in a very unusual way.

Did you check out the lectern for his news conference on Wednesday? It was displaying his logo for the office of the president-elect, but a lot of people noticed something very different about it.

Check it out:

Yes, it appears Trump may (key word: “may”) be subliminally telling media that there’s no entry into the Trump administration. Even if it’s unintentional, that’s kind of awesome.

If you’re one of those people who are going to be whining about transparency, let’s consider the double standard applied to transparency ever since Trump declared for the presidency.

By now, you’ve certainly heard of the “dossier” about Trump’s relationship with Russia and/or private life. If you haven’t, we won’t reprint any of it here — and no, not even the disgusting joke about garbanzo beans.

Even though the The U.K. Guardian pointed out that the listicle site that published the dossier — Buzzfeed News — admitted it was “unverified and potentially unverifiable,” they went ahead and put online a libelous document of questionable provenance.

How questionable? Part of the document, as Breitbart pointed out, relieds on the whereabouts of Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney. Yet, two minutes of fact-checking would have revealed that Cohen had never visited Russia as the report claimed.

Even the Washington Examiner admitted that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the document in question didn’t come from the intelligence community.

So, until the situation changes, maybe the rest of the GOP ought to adopt the president’s logo. After all, it seems to be apt, given the wolfish nature of the liberal media.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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