A major — if majorly incoherent — voice within the Democrat Party has called for President Donald Trump to be impeached, CNN reported.

Rep. Maxine Waters, the California liberal who has been every bit as indefatigable as she has been inchoate, made the statement during a news conference after being asked about similar remarks she made in an interview with Cheddar.

“I have not called for the impeachment yet. He’s doing it himself,” Rep. Waters told reporters. “Let me just say that the statement I made is a statement in response to questions and pleas that I’m getting from many citizens across this country. What are we going to do? How can a president who is acting in the manner that he’s acting?”

I know. I mean, he’s keeping his campaign promises and speaking his mind. Isn’t that illegal or something?

Waters said she was concerned about “the way he’s talking about Muslims” and his relationship with Russia — a country she doesn’t seem to know a great deal about.

Trump, she said, “is wrapping his arms around Putin, while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.”

I’m just going to assume she meant “Crimea,” since the last time Russia was even considering advancing into Korea was back when Hawkeye Pierce and B.J. Hunnicutt were trading wry quips over etherized patients. However, I’m also not going to give too much thought to it, since she clearly didn’t.

“I think that he’s leading himself in that kind of position, where folks are going to ask, ‘What are we going to do?’ and the answer is going to be, ‘Eventually, we’ve got to do something about him,’” she said. “We cannot continue to have a president who’s acting in this manner. It’s dangerous to the United States of America.”

Nothing she said rises to the point of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” or even a traffic ticket. And, to her (infinitesimal) credit, Nancy Pelosi has insisted Democrats will only press for impeachment “when and if” President Trump breaks the law.

This sadly isn’t the first time Waters has talked about impeaching Trump. During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Hardball” last month, in which the rambling Rep. Waters vexed even Chris Matthews, she described why she thought Trump could be subject to impeachment.

“Well, here’s what I’m trying to get to,” Waters responded. “If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role to help provide strategy — if they’re the ones who came up with ‘Crooked Hillary,’ if they’re the ones who came up with, ‘She’s ill, something’s wrong with her energy,’ and the way that he basically described her during the campaign — I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached.”

However, while Rep. Waters may be a figure of fun for the right, she’s actually a pretty good barometer of what people on the left of the Democrat Party believe. In spite of her intransigent leftism, she’s served for long enough and accumulated enough power that she’s one of Congress’ most influential leaders on the far left. Essentially, she’s a very good predictor of what activists and legislators who don’t think are thinking.

And while she might be one of the few legislators talking about baseless impeachment of the president, she’s certainly not the only liberal. That should be worrying to every American.

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