Trump To Host Facebook Live Nightly Show Until Election Day


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has routinely railed against the liberal media at his rallies as being corrupt, dishonest and out to make sure that his campaign collapses.

On Monday Trump announced that he had found a way around that particular roadblock. In a Facebook post, Trump announced that his campaign would be hosting live videos on Facebook every night from Trump Tower at 6:30 p.m. Eastern time — half an hour before his 7 p.m. rallies.

Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims, both Trump advisers, as well as Tomi Lahren, a conservative commentator for TheBlaze, are in charge of hosting the show. Monday’s inaugural episode featured Trump’s campaign manager KellyAnne Conway and Jason Miller, another Trump adviser.

Some in the media have speculated that this nightly Facebook broadcast could be a trial run for “Trump TV,” but the Trump campaign has denied these rumors.

“We all know how strong the left wing media bias is. This is us delivering our message to voters,” Epshteyn explained. “It has nothing to do with Trump TV. It’s about using 21st century technology and communication in a way that’s effective.”

Facebook live videos have become quite popular throughout this campaign. Trump’s live videos usually attract tens of thousands of viewers. Trump has also mastered the art of social media, garnering millions of followers who cling to his every word.

It is possible that the Facebook live videos are a dry run for a future television program (if Trump loses), but more likely it simply is another way that the Trump campaign is trying to drum up enthusiasm in the weeks before election day.

You can watch the first video below. The video includes both the Trump Tower broadcast and Trump’s rally.

Trump is embarking on a blitz of campaign stops over the next two weeks in an attempt to overcome the roughly 5-point deficit he has in some polls.

Trump has pulled some amazing comebacks before. Hopefully these Facebook live videos will help propel Trump right into the Oval Office.

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