Trump Haters Protest Outside Pub… Horrified to Learn They Interupted Marine Corp Pub Crawl


Ever since Donald Trump became the President-elect, liberals have been taking to the streets every night to protest his stunning victory over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The delicate minds of these liberals can’t seem to comprehend that Trump defeated Clinton fair and square. Protests have broken out in most major cities, and one protest in Tampa almost ended badly after the triggered masses interrupted a Marine Corps bar crawl, WPTV reported.

Try to imagine: on one hand, a bunch of delicate snowflakes who can’t understand democracy, and on the other, battle-hardened Marines who love their country.

I think we can all guess who would win that fight.

There ended up being no fight, thanks to the quick actions of the police, who formed a human barricade between the two groups. Instead of fighting, the two sides viciously swore at each other and used their middle fingers to convey their feelings.

“People are not going to go down without a fight,” said Jenna Ferreira, one of the protesters. “A lot of people are feeling marginalized, a lot of people feeling oppressed, they’ve lost hope. But, everybody here is full of love and we are going to fight for our rights.”

I’m sure it was their “love” that inspired them to hurl f-bombs at U.S. Marines.

The protesters eventually continued their march as the Marines continued to jeer at them and yelled, “You walked into the wrong bar!”

“I think they don’t really know the issues,” explained Johnny Gomes. “I think that they are misinformed. They followed, sorry, but the regular media and don’t know the real story.”

Sounds like a USA Liberty News reader to me.

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