Trump Finally Goes 1-on-1 With Schwarzenegger, Crushes Him in Ratings

Trump Finally Goes 1-on-1 With Schwarzenegger Crushes Him in Ratings

As President Donald Trump is wont to remind everyone, his ratings while hosting “The Celebrity Apprentice” were absolutely yuuuuge, far better than the ratings being earned by the current program host, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Trump has teased his fellow celebrity host about the lower ratings, and Ahnold responded by suggesting the two men switch jobs.

But then came Monday night, when the two virtually faced off against each other ratings-wise during prime-time TV, with Ahnold’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC going up against portions of Trump’s pre-Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, according to Mediaite.

Trump’s interview crushed the competition, bringing a spike in viewer numbers to O’Reilly’s already dominant ratings. In fact, while it is typical that O’Reilly beats the cable news rivals in his time slot, he also managed to beat two network programs Monday night, one of which was “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

Based on numbers released by Nielsen, O’Reilly’s program drew 4.5 million viewers to see the rest of the interview with Trump, 868,000 of which were from the highly-coveted 25-54 demographic. In comparison, MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes drew 1.6 million total and 332,000 of the top demo while CNN’s “360” with Anderson Cooper drew 1.2 million and 439,000 respectively.

The Washington Free Beacon noted that the 4.5 million viewers for O’Reilly and Trump beat NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” and ABC’s “Quantico,” which drew 3.4 million and 2.7 million viewers respectively.

As for Trump’s initial pre-Super Bowl interview on broadcast Fox Sunday afternoon, it drew approximately 12 million viewers, according to Deadspin.

That number was down from O’Reilly’s contentious pre-Super Bowl interview with former President Barack Obama in 2011, which drew roughly 17.3 million viewers, though it was noted that Obama’s interview came closer to kick-off than Trump’s did, which likely meant that more eyes were already in front of the TV five years ago.

Regardless, Trump’s interview drew massive ratings — which he will likely remind everyone of at some point in the near future.

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