Trump Fans Blame Lawmakers for Failure To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

Trump Fans Blame Lawmakers for Failure To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

Though President Donald Trump openly advocated for the flawed American Health Care Act, arguing that it was the only way to repeal Obamacare and overhaul the nation’s health care system, his most passionate supporters felt that he deserved no blame for it ultimately being pulled from the House floor last week due to a lack of support.

“I blame the Democrats and Republicans in Congress,” one supporter, 82-year-old Jeanette Madison of New York, told Reuters. “They are a bunch of b******s. I’m just fed up.”

Ramona Bourdo, a 70-year-old retired nurse from Arkansas, felt similarly.

“He can’t wave a magic wand,” she noted, highlighting the need for Congress to be willing to work with Trump for his agenda to pass. “I’ve not lost confidence in him.”

“Being a businessman, he’ll not take ‘no’ for an answer,” added 71-year-old Florida resident Tony Nappi, optimistic that the president would eventually get Obamacare repealed as he had pledged to do during the campaign last year.

Crafted by House Speaker Paul Ryan and supported by Trump, the AHCA was a multifaceted Obamacare repeal/replace bill that many conservatives had complained maintained too many of its predecessor’s socialistic provisions.

“The problem is what they’ve wanted to put forward is Obamacare lite,” one of the bill’s loudest critics, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, argued earlier this month, pointing to the legislation’s litany of entitlements and taxes, according to KYW.

When time came to vote for the bill last week, it turned out that the numbers were simply not in Ryan’s and Trump’s favor. Far too many conservatives — and Democrats, though for different reasons — opposed the bill for it to pass. It was subsequently pulled from the floor, after which Trump issued a statement vowing to simply “let Obamacare explode.”

In spite of the president’s direct ties to the AHCA, neither his supporters nor a number of conservative pundits were willing to blame the failure to repeal Obamacare on him — including Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro.

In her opening monologue Saturday evening on her show, the host instead laid the blame squarely at the feet of Speaker Ryan, stating bluntly, “Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House.”

“The reason?” she added. “He failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill.”

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