Trump Ditches Media, Walks Into Restaurant… Tells Diners He’s Lowering Their Taxes, Gets Explosive Applause


President-elect Donald Trump sent the liberal media into a raging fit Tuesday night by leaving his Manhattan residence without notifying the press and then showing up at the 21 Club in Midtown to grab some dinner and share a 9-word message with other diners.

We’ll get your taxes down — don’t worry about it,” he reportedly told diners at the upscale restaurant, all while he ignored questions from nosy reporters who did not appreciate being snubbed.

“Mr. President-elect … no heads-up for the media?” asked one reporter, apparently peeved at Trump’s refusal to share his dinner plans with the media.


This unwillingness to share every iota of his pre-presidential life with the media left many reporters sulking like babies, with those at NBC News going so far as to claim Trump’s behavior “show(ed) (a) lack of transparency.”

Moreover, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow claimed that once a candidate becomes the president-elect, “(Y)ou’re not really allowed to be a private person anymore.” She added that Trump’s decision not to inform the press of his plans was essentially an affront to national security:

Except that it was not. This notion by Maddow and other liberal media figures that Trump not letting the press in on his plans was equivalent to him failing to brief, say, the Secret Service, was self-centered and detached from reality.

Media folks apparently just can’t escape the mentality that made them blow their election coverage so conspicuously.

Regardless, reporters were apparently the only ones upset by Trump’s actions, as the loud cheers the president-elect received upon entering the 21 Club demonstrated that everyone else was plenty thrilled by his unexpected presence.

“There was a standing ovation when he came and left,” claimed Andrew Testo, who had been dining with friends. “He was with his whole family. It was like Sunday dinner with the Trumps, but on a Tuesday. It was awesome.”

Sorry, media, but the people have spoken — just like they spoke loud and clear on Nov. 8, when they chose Donald Trump as their next president.

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