Trump Coverage Is the REAL Reason Megyn Kelly Left FOX News


Sources close to soon-to-be former Fox News host Megyn Kelly have claimed that her planned departure from the network had much to do with President-elect Donald Trump, former network CEO Roger Ailes and fellow hosts Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Writing for New York magazine, Gabriel Sherman explained that according to his sources Kelly had become unhappy “in the wake of her high-profile feud with Donald Trump and revelations she had accused Ailes of sexual harassment.”

For one, these events altered her relationships with O’Reilly and Hannity, with the sources claiming that the former host literally “hated her.”

Her relationship with Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of Fox’s parent company, News Corporation, also reportedly grew strained.

“One Fox insider told me Murdoch balked when Kelly asked for $25 million late in the talks,” Sherman noted, adding that someone close to the host “disputed this, saying that said (sic) Kelly never asked for a specific dollar amount but that Fox had offered $25 million.”

Mediaite later published its own follow-up story claiming that according to its sources Kelly had actually been offered $100 million to stay at the network. The truth of all of these claims remained unclear.

As Kelly’s relationship with Murdoch has gone sour, his relationship with Trump has reportedly blossomed.

“I really like Rupert Murdoch!” Trump reportedly told guests at Mar-a-Lago over the holidays, an attendee claimed. “Roger Ailes was a friend of mine, but Fox’s coverage is so much better since he left.”

What triggered the tumultuous relationship between Kelly and Trump was their confrontation during the first GOP primary debate last year, when the Fox News host grilled Trump about allegedly sexist remarks he had made about women.

Though that feud eventually died down, its repercussions stuck with the Fox News host, as she appeared to some as an anti-Trump zealot. The same could be said of her unproven allegations against Roger Ailes, which some felt were released to boost sales of her memoir.

Either way, she allegedly became very unhappy at Fox News, and as of Friday evening she will no longer be employed there.

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