Trump Camp Defends Sessions on Charges of Racism With One Forgotten Fact


Over the past few days, liberals have become increasingly upset that Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for attorney general.

Predictably, liberals have proclaimed that Sessions is a racist, despite a shocking lack of proof. Kellyanne Conway, Trump campaign’s manager, defended Sessions from the charges of racism by asking one simple question, Politico reported.

“Why didn’t Democrats put anybody up against him last time he ran, in 2014?” she asked CNN’s Chris Cuomo during an interview.

Democrats have pointed to Sessions being denied a federal judgeship in 1986 because of unfounded allegations that he made racist remarks, reported. Sessions himself has insisted that he isn’t racist.

In fact, he ran unopposed for re-election in 2014. That marked the first time in Alabama’s history that a Democrat didn’t even try to run for Senate. If the Democrats were so sure Sessions was racist, why did they make no effort to stop him?

“If you’re against him, be the sacrificial lamb. Say, ‘I’m going to stop this guy because of who he is.’ They couldn’t do it, because they know who he is,” Conway stated.

Conway also pointed to Sessions’ long history of advocating for civil rights (despite what liberals might claim), and stated that he is on board with Trump’s agenda, which — besides respect for the laws of the United States — is what a president really needs in an attorney general.

The mainstream media, and liberals, have also forgotten that Sessions frequently praised Rosa Parks, as Fox News noted, and worked hard in Congress to preserve her legacy.

Trump’s new chief of staff, Reince Preibus, defended Sessions on ABC News. He predicted that Sessions will be confirmed by the Senate, despite the Democrat allegations, and called him a “good man.”

Unless a significant number of Republicans break ranks (which is unlikely), Sessions will be the next attorney general, and the Justice  Department can finally return to what it used to be before President Barack Obama’s political appointees corrupted it.

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