Trump Calls Berlin a “Purely Religious Attack” … Asks the 1 Question Obama NEVER Would


Leave it to President-elect Donald Trump to ask the question on everyone’s minds.

As the Western world grappled with yet another Islamic terrorist attack the heart of Europe – this one in the run-up to one of Christianity’s holiest days – Trump took to Twitter last week to give voice to the outrage Americans feel after eight years of Barack Obama’s appeasement of radical Islam.

And it came just as word was spreading that Italian police had killed the monster believed to be responsible for the outrage.

In a pair of Twitter postings Friday, Trump accurately described the Berlin market attack as the work of a terrorist engaged in the ultimate clash of cultures. While liberals prattle about “root causes,” and the administration of Barack Obama shamefully rewards terrorist thugs at the expense of our friends in Israel, Trump laid out the main motive for the attack, then asked the question at the heart of it all.

This one Twitter posting just about covered eight years of failed Democrat policies in one swoop. First, Trump defined the terror attack for what it is – a “religious threat,” inspired by a form of religion – radical Islam – that is dedicated to wiping out competing religions as a form of idolatry.

Then he asked when the United States and other countries threatened by radical Islamists are going to fight back.

Trump is known for using his Twitter account with a bluntness few politicians would dare. But for an incoming president of the United States, these are weighty words, no matter how they’re transmitted to the world.

The days are soon ending when administration officials would go to any lengths to avoid calling Islamic terrorist for what it is. (Remember, the Obama White House spent six years referring to the terrorist attack at an Army base in Texas as “workplace violence.” 

In a strange coincidence, the Trump Twitter posting also came on the same day that Obama stabbed Israel in the back one last time (hopefully) with his disgraceful abstention from voting on an even more disgraceful U.N. resolution condemning Israeli building in Jerusalem, a city that has been Jewish for about all of recorded history.

Trump had an answer to that, too.

Things aren’t just going to be different at the U.N. As Trump’s Twitter postings make clear, the entire American position toward radical Islamic terrorism – and that includes Palestinian terrorism against Israel, is going to change come Jan. 21.

Because Donald Trump is asking questions the Obama administration has spent eight years being afraid to even admit.

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