Trump Budget is the Beginning of the End for THE SWAMP

Trump Budget is the Beginning of the End for THE SWAMP

The world ended on Thursday when President Donald Trump released his “skinny” budget. At least that’s what you would think happened after watching liberals react to it.

However, Trump’s budget is a good beginning step toward doing what he promised on the campaign trail — drain the swamp of corruption and useless government spending in Washington.

The Wall Street Journal noted that while there were some questionable sections of Trump’s budget, the budget actually accomplished a great deal simply by showing the American people how out of control government spending has become.

“As for cutting domestic non-entitlement programs, it’s hard to argue that the federal government couldn’t use a top-to-bottom scrub. Would the American people even notice if the Agriculture and Labor departments had to cut their budgets by 20.7 percent, or Commerce by 15.7 percent?” the article asked.

Trump’s budget was designed to increase military spending while reducing government programs that don’t work, are duplicative or have simply run their course and are no longer needed.

Liberals are freaking out because they are scared that these cuts will actually work and the American people will realize that the notion of a beneficial massive federal government perpetrated by liberals for decades is wrong.

Trump’s full budget will be released in May, and undoubtedly it will face changes once it goes through Congress. That’s how the system is designed to work.

For too long, Washington has been content to waste money on programs that help the connected few and do little. Now, Trump is taking a chainsaw to the overgrowth of waste and corruption that has grown around our federal government for decades and threatens to block out the sunlight completely.

And it’s about time.

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