Trump Attacks “SNL” Writer and “SNL” After Disturbing Attack on Barron

Trump Attacks SNL Writer and SNL After Disturbing Attack on Barron

On Inauguration Day, “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich caused an outcry when she tweeted that she thought that President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, would be the first “homeschool shooter.”

While Rich did eventually apologize for her disgusting comment and was suspended from “SNL,” the outcry over her comments continued. Trump himself weighed in on the controversy during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that aired on Thursday.

“I don’t mind some humor, but for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace. He’s a great boy and it’s not an easy thing for him,” said a clearly agitated Trump.

Trump has a right to be angry at “SNL,” which he also called a “failing” show. What that writer did simply speaks to the culture of the people who work for “SNL” — they don’t know when they have crossed a line.

While Trump can expect people in the mainstream media to attack him — he is the president after all — he isn’t simply going to sit by and let them make his 10-year-old son’s life hell just because of who his father is.

Business Insider noted that the White House released a statement after the attack requesting that the media show Barron the same respect they have shown previous presidents’ children.

You can watch the full interview here (the Barron Trump remarks come about the 32-minute mark):

The White House statement simply asked the media to play by rules that were followed for previous administrations when it came to children.

“It is a longstanding tradition that the children of presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight,” the statement read. “The White House fully expects this tradition to continue. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.”

Even Chelsea Clinton came out in defense of Barron, stating that he “deserve the chance every child does — to be a kid,” USA Today reported.

The young children of any president should be completely off limits to the media. The media didn’t attack Sasha and Malia Obama during their eight years of living in the White House; they should show that same level of restraint with Barron.

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