Trump Appointee’s Christmas Card Proves Trump Made Perfect Choice, Will Horrify Libs


Is there anything more wonderful than guns, oil wells, jobs, Captain America, Osama bin Laden’s death and the state of Montana? Well, yes, there is — Christmas. If you combine the latter two, you have a pile of awesomeness that any American could be proud of.

And that’s just what Rep. Ryan Zinke, the Montana congressman whom Donald Trump has nominated to be his secretary of the interior, did for Christmas back in 2011.

Now his Christmas cards are going viral, and liberals are absolutely furious at what they contain.

According to Politico writer Kenneth P. Vogel, who posted the card, it was written back when Zinke was running for lieutenant governor of Montana. His ticket finished fifth in the Republican primary.

Now, that card is unimpeachably awesome, but you can tell by Vogel’s tone that he’s not terribly impressed with the awesomeness. Pfft.

According to The Washington Post, Zinke, a 55-year-old former Navy SEAL, is known as a lifelong fisherman and hunter who has pushed hard to allow private access to federal lands. However, he quit a post on the GOP platform-writing committee this summer after they called for a plank to transfer public land to the states, a platform Trump also opposed.

“What I saw was a platform that was more divisive than uniting,” Zinke said. “At this point, I think it’s better to show leadership.”

Needless to say, environmentalists got themselves all up in arms over Zinke’s nomination.

“We have serious concerns about the nomination of Congressman Zinke, whose repeated support for logging, drilling and mining on cherished public lands is out of step with most Americans,” the Wilderness Society’s Jamie Williams said in a statement.

“Rep. Zinke has refused to acknowledge that climate change is caused by fossil fuel emissions, while vocally opposing the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce harmful methane emissions. In addition, he has fought efforts to reform coal and voted to scrap environmental safeguards related to logging efforts on national forests.”

In other words, he’s the right guy to get jobs back in the United States and toward a saner energy policy. And he sends out awesome Christmas cards.

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