Trump Adviser Releases Chilling Prediction… “Civil War” if the Dems Won’t Accept Election Outcome


Former Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein has made waves recently by spearheading recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan on the basis of unsubstantiated claims of Russian hacking of voting machines.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined this recount effort, leading to many Republicans and conservatives decrying this as a publicity stunt and pointing out the hypocrisy of thousands of liberals refusing to accept the election results.

Economist Steve Moore, an adviser to the Trump campaign, went on Fox News to discuss the recount effort and dropped a very stunning statement about what could happen if the recount overturns the results of the election.

“Well, I guess I’d start by saying denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. Democrats are still in a state of denial about the election … For the most part Donald Trump won in an electoral landslide,” he said.

“I will say this: If the Democrats challenge this and try to change the election I think there would be a bit of a civil war in this country,” he continued.

Trump very clearly won Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan (Michigan in fact was just officially called on Monday). Trump won each state by substantial margins — margins unlikely to be overturned by a simple recount.

Most political observers have concluded that the recount won’t change the results of the election. Even CNN reported that the recount would “almost certainly not” change anything.

Trump blasted the recount effort as a “scam” perpetrated by Stein as a way to “fill her coffers,” in a statement.

Trump very clearly won the election. It’s time for liberals across America to accept this and move on.

Lingering on unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud isn’t going to help this country heal.

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