Transgender Wins Girls’ Wrestling Championship

Transgender Wins Girls Wrestling Championship

Prepare to be confused: A 17-year-old from Texas who was born a girl but began taking steroids two years ago to transition into a male won the girls’ 110-pound Class 6A Region 2 wrestling championship Saturday after two opponents forfeited over fears they would be hurt by their opponent’s unnatural strength.

Before achieving this sketchy victory, however, Mack Beggs did fight a few girls, including Kailyn Clay, whom she easily defeated via a pin in the semifinal Friday night, as reported by The Dallas Morning News.

The blame for this bizarre circumstance does not necessarily lie with Beggs, some have claimed. The junior reportedly wanted to compete against boys but was not allowed due to rules maintained by the University Interscholastic League, whose 2016/2017 “Wresting Manual” specifically prohibits prohibits boys and girls from grappling with each other. Instead of bowing out of the competition, however, Beggs chose to stay.

Beggs’ decision to remain in the competition is perhaps why Pratik Khandelwal, a local parent whose daughter wrestles for the same school, reportedly filed a lawsuit against the UIL, demanding that Beggs be suspended because of steroid use. Beggs reportedly began taking the drug in 2015.

“I respect that completely, and I think the coaches do,” Khandelwal’s attorney, Jim Baudhuin, said of Begg’s transgender lifestyle. “All we’re saying is she is taking something that gives her an unfair advantage. It’s documented. It’s universal that it’s an unfair advantage.”

Baudhin had a solid point. If Beggs, a biological girl, wants to transition into a boy, that is one thing — but why must other biological girls suffer as a result? Perhaps because Beggs’ mother, Nancy Beggs, is among the sick parents who have indoctrinated their children with progressive ideology?

“Today was not about their students winning,” she later complained about the two girls who forfeited the competition Saturday. “Today was about bias, hatred and ignorance.”

That is a misguided statement — at best — that reeks of the same narrow-minded fanaticism often displayed by the radical left. Because some people have legitimate disagreements with Mack Beggs’ actions, they must be therefore be hateful and ignorant, according to Nancy Beggs.

It is difficult to tell whom one should feel most sorry for in this story — the indoctrinated transgender teenager who has clearly been raised by a clueless radical, or those young ladies who were allowed to be brutalized in the name of progressive values.

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