Transgender Pastor Claims God Is Also Transgender

Transgender Pastor Claims God Is Also Transgender

The issue of transgender bathroom rights, and transgender rights in general, has been hotly debated in America for the better part of the past year, and the issue has flared up again since President Donald Trump first occupied the Oval Office.

Most recently, a transgender pastor (yes, you read that correctly), the Rev. S. David Wynn, launched into a diatribe in Texas to proclaim that God is transgender.

“In the beginning, God created human kind, in God’s image, God created them male and female, so God is transgender,” Wynn explained to a crowed of LGBT activists. “So it’s important you all remember that.”

There aren’t enough words in all the dictionaries in the world to explain how wrong and perverse that statement was. Trying to corrupt the Bible to suit your own purposes is wrong, no matter who you are.

Wynn was speaking out against a Texas bill that would require transgendered persons to use the bathroom of the gender listed on their birth certificate.

“We’re going to stop using God as an excuse to hate people,” Wynn stated. “If God hates all the same people you do, then you’ve created God in your image.”

You can watch Wynn’s full remarks here (though we can’t say we’d blame you if you don’t want to):

The Texas bill is virtually guaranteed to pass, thought it is also likely to be challenged legally and possibly end up before the Supreme Court.

Just to be clear, this Texas bill isn’t about people proclaiming that God hates transgendered persons. The bill is about making sure people don’t try to go into bathrooms they shouldn’t and prey on children under the guise of being “transgendered.”

By eliminating the federal government’s “guidance” about transgender bathrooms, Trump allowed the states to pass their own legislation, which fired up all the trans activists across America, including people like Wynn. who will corrupt the Bible for their own political purposes.

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