Town Hall Audience Member Calls Out Michael Moore For Trashing Trump


An audience member pressed Michael Moore during a CNN town hall on Tuesday regarding his strong rhetoric against President-elect Donald Trump.

The man said he appreciated Trump’s efforts to save American jobs and push for fair trade deals.

“No other politician in my lifetime has ever brought this issue to the forefront, and the fact of the matter is we do get screwed on trade,” he told Moore.

The audience member offered the example of Jeep trying to sell cars in Germany while facing thousands of dollars in tariffs. The European Union imposes a 10 percent tax on all foreign car imports.

Moore responded by saying despite Trump’s promises he would do nothing to address unfair trade practices.

“And when [Trump] doesn’t follow through, when he doesn’t get rid of NAFTA, when you’re still screwed in Michigan five months from now, two years from now — where are you going to be then on this issue?” Moore replied.

CNN host Van Jones jumped in, asking, “How do you know he’s not going to follow through, Michael?”

“There’s nothing in his behavior. The man is, first of all, a malignant narcissist, and he’s only about himself, folks. And you’re about to see that happen,” Moore replied, drawing some murmurs from the audience.

The town hall participant shot back: “I guess you could say the same about Hillary Clinton.”

Moore made his assertion in spite of Trump’s direct intervention last week to save nearly 1,000 jobs with Carrier Corp. from going to Mexico, which helped fulfill a campaign promise.

Though Moore has been a very vocal critic of Trump, including releasing a documentary film in October hammering the Republican and praising Clinton, he nonetheless predicted in July the unconventional candidate would win the presidency.

The Academy Award-winning director further predicted the key states that would move into Trump’s column to secure the victory, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Moore stated on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night that he still holds out the hope “something crazy” will happen and Trump will never take office.

He suggested when the Electoral College vote occurs Dec. 19 they might act to keep a “madman who wants to be king” from becoming president.

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