Top Trump Official Departs Administration To Bolster Pro-Trump Outside Group

Top Trump Official Departs Administration To Bolster Pro-Trump Outside Group

Katie Walsh, President Donald Trump’s deputy chief of staff, is leaving the administration, marking yet another high profile departure less than three months into his presidency.

However, unlike the departures of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and communications official Boris Ephsteyn, which were both marred in controversy, Walsh’s is for a more strategic reason.

Walsh, who previously served as chief of staff under then-RNC chairman and current White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, is leaving the Trump administration to “bolster the flagging outside groups that were meant to support his agenda,” according to Politico.

Sources say she will be more effective serving the president outside the administration versus from within.

“You’ve got to have somebody from the inside who has the blessing of the man himself,” one unnamed source told Politico. The White House source added that Walsh’s departure came with the blessing of the highest ranks from within the administration.

Her move doesn’t come without consequence, especially for Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

“He basically took away Reince’s political secret service. She was his eyes and ears inside,” said another source close to Trump.

Walsh is expected to split her time as an adviser to both the pro-Trump nonprofit, America First and the RNC.

America First was launched shortly after Trump’s victory to provide a “surround-sound super structure” to support the administration’s policy objectives.

Outside of a few social media posts and a press release, the non-profit hasn’t made any sort of measurable impact in the public discourse.

“To say that the folks inside the White House are disappointed that there’s been no air support in the first 50 days is an understatement,” one Trump official connected to America First told Politico.

“Things have moved very slow and there’s a lot of frustration that things need to move faster,” the source added.

“The president needs cover,” said former Trump campaign adviser Michael Biundo, who’s been considering launching his own group in the wake of America First’s failure to make visible progress.

With Walsh in the picture at the non-profit, perhaps the ship will soon be steered in a more positive direction.

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