Top Countries Recieving Refugees Revealed… Total Numbers Astounding

Top Countries Recieving Refugees Revealed Total Numbers Astounding

President-elect Donald Trump ran a campaign promising to bring the flow of refugees into the United States under control and to do what was needed to protect Americans from those who would do us harm.

A new report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees showed that we need Trump more than we thought. The report showed which nations had the most refugees referred to them during 2015, the The Center for Immigration Studies reported.

Can you guess which country was No. 1?

Yup, you guessed it! The United States of America! Doesn’t that just make you feel safe, especially knowing how few of these refugees were actually vetted in any meaningful way?


Of the 134,044 refugees resettled by the UNHCR, 82,491 were referred for resettlement in the United States. Coming in second place was Canada, with 22,886 refugees. Australia came in third, with a measly 9,321 refugees referred in 2015.

The Center for Immigration Studies report also noted that of those refugees referred for resettlement, over 91 percent were accepted by the countries to which they had been referred.

The primary country of origin for the refugees resettled was Syria — a country that has become a hotbed of Islamic terrorism and one where verifying people’s identities is practically becoming harder by the day.

Put another way, the No. 1 terror target in the entire world took in over 61 percent of all refugees resettled by the UNHCR in 2015, and Canada took in 17 percent.

Trump has vowed to use “extreme vetting” to ensure that those who come into the United States under his watch share our values and will not carry out terror attacks against innocent Americans. While the United States should be helping those who are displaced by war and violence, we should also be doing what we can to protect our own people from the terrorists who want to see our entire way of life destroyed.

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