Top Border Official Leaks Bombshell Reason They’ve Been ORDERED To Let Illegals In


The Democrats, apparently, have no line they won’t cross in order to obtain votes and political advantage, and their most recent efforts are truly despicable.

The national vice president of the National Border Patrol Council, a union that represents Border Patrol agents, recently told Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that the federal government has allowed illegal immigrants to cross the border for a specific purpose — so they can vote.

Art Del Cueto met with Trump at a roundtable discussion about illegal immigration on Friday, where the two discussed the problems caused by the mass influx of illegals across the border — an issue Trump has consistently held as a priority in his campaign.

During the meeting at Trump Tower, Cueto explained to Trump that Border Patrol agents have been advised by higher-ups in the government not to deport illegal immigrants.

“So they can vote,” Cueto said, according to Politico.

Of course the party that has been weak on illegal immigration and welfare reform would want illegal immigrants to vote in the presidential election.

Which candidate do you think they are going to vote for — the candidate who would deport them or the candidate who would not only welcome them, but provide them with free housing, food stamps and education?

While this may be an extreme example of how the Democrats have attempted to rig the political system, it is, unfortunately, not the only one.

In fact, several states have recently reported findings of widespread voter fraud, such as dead people being registered to vote and, in some cases, actually casting ballots.

These instances further support Trump’s contentions that this election has been overwhelmingly rigged in Hillary Clinton’s favor. But, with the polls showing the two neck-and-neck in many states, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in November.

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